Fascists and Nordist Parties are destroing immigrants, refugees and Rom' houses in Italy. We trust on you to stop them, join the international brigades in Italy

Citizens of the world 
The fascist parties Casapound and Forza-Nuova with the aid of Lega Nord party are increasing their racist and fascist activities all over Italy. 

A member of  the Casapound fascist party killed two Senegalese people in Florence on December 13th  2011. 
More recently, the Casapound party has also organized arson against Jewish markets, and targeting Jewish students with rape, as proven by Naples justice courts.
More recent fascists' actins includes:
1) On October 28th 2014, a joint group of Forza-Nuova, Casapound and Lega Nord members led by Mr. Mario Borghezio (Lega Nord eurodeputate), break into in a school for immigrants in Casalbertone (Rome). They destroyed furniture and attacked teachers and frightened away the students  in order to force them to leave the school and the country.
2) On  November 14th 2014, the aforementioned group of fascists and Lega Nord members broke into a house for children of refugees in Tor Sapienza (Rome). More information: http://goo.gl/1BgqZk
They entered the property and chased out the children, yelling racial slurs. 
Police helped the fascist group to evacuate the house for refugee children and took them away. We have to underline that this episode of  fascism arrives right after almost  a week of urban violence from the Italian citizens of Tor Sapienza  (Rome) against the children's refugees and their homes. One tactic used by fascists was throwing small bombs to refugees children houses.
3) On November 8 2014, Mr. Salvini, the leader of Lega Nord went to a Sinti's hovel in Bologna in order to taunt them, asking if they pay bills for public utilities, such as water, gas, and power. We underline that the visit of Mr.Salvini at Sinti's houses comes after years of arsonism and police aggression to Rom and Sinti's village. This is a real etnich cleansing (Chronology). It is common knowledge in Italy that the Sinti are too poor so they cannot pay for utilities and they don't use it. It is also common knowledge that Mr. Borghezio, a member of Lega Nord (the same party of Mr. Salvini) had been incarcerated by an Italian State Court for arson against clochards, homeless shelters. So Rom, Sinti and Anonymous fear that the real aim of Salvini's visits to Sinti's homes had the goal of evaluating the layout of the Sintis' village in order to attack it later with fire. Fortunately, activists from the social center stopped Salvini's car, blocking his inspection of the houses. Unfortunately, he may succeed on a later visit.
We remember that the fascist party Casapound and also Lega Nord has offices in almost the cities of Italy and has announced to increase again the fascist/racist actions against immigrants and Sinti/Rom people in the next days.

Services and houses for immigrates and refugees (most of them from Africa) and Rom and Sinti's houses in Italy needs to be constantly watched to avoid fascists violence and/or arsonism, this is exactly the aim of the international brigades. It will be a very hard work, we will have to defeat the fascist aggressors which are conspicuous and tollerated or substained by police and even by people.

Citizens of the world,
We are sure that you refuse the violence, unhumanity and violence of fascism and racism.
We will fight with all our energies in order to avoid a second fascist regime in Italy.
We need your aid to develop the International Brigades Front against fascism.
Firstly we must protect Rom, Sintis and immigrants from fascism.
Citizen of the world, come in Italy to help the resistance against fascism!

contact us : normanwillow[@]gmail.com


#Optestet : 8 domains Hacked, FrtpMidiPy.fr - tourisme-tarn.com Tango Down!

Remi died, sivens forest died : TAKE POSITION ! Fight against the government ! You have some responsability in the forest destruction Sivens. Remi we do not forget you. Expect Us

http://www.capitale-biodiversite.fr/ alliance avec NatureParif
http://www.natureparif.fr/   alliance avec : agriculture.gouv.fr
http://label-ecojardin.fr    alliance avec : developpement-durable.gouv.fr/
http://methodo-deu.fr  alliance avec : Ministère de l'Égalité des Territoires et du Logement (METL) (gouvernement)

http://www.FrtpMidiPy.fr TANGO DOWN!!

www.tourisme-tarn.com TANGO DOWN!

Travailler en partenariat avec le gouvernement, sans oser prendre clairement position
c'est être un acteur indirect de la destruction de la biodiversité et de la mort de Rémi Fraisse

#testet #tarn #sivens #Optestet #Resistance #sabotage #hack #deface #ZAD #remiFraisse #OperationGreenRights


#OpTestet Rémi, we do not forget you!



Testet, like many places on earth, is where local poeple are resisting a project, imposed on a beautiful wetland that had a bigger forest a few weeks ago, for so called social benifits. They want to build a dam where most the water will serve to irrigate massive cornfields for 20 industrial agricultures. But after some research it points to the fact that this and 15 other dams will all so serve to have water to cool ... yeah a nuclear plant in the region. The last X ôO years more and more useless, destructive projects of megalo size are getting imposed to the people that still have some contact with the natural aspects of our environments. These people are getting expropriate and getting in return enough money to rent or buy their cell in the metropoles. The land and its habitants are getting poisoned, extinct, exploited. In response to this and many other factors within our social and political structures of existence, people are looking for other forms of organizing themselfs, their environment, and to resist to the forms that we get imposed by the capitalist and fascist mouvements. ZAD testet is one of those points where this experience commes to reality. where poeple are trying to bring life to a more humain and conscious level, where solidarity and horizontal powerstructres are more valued then domination and exploitation... and hell yeah, we will fight for it! 

" To you that view everything that exists as a commodity to buy or sell in the name of vile economic profit, we say that a roll of bills will never replace the beauty of nature. Your dirty money will never eliminate the need for protests against the exploitation of man and planet. "
With this operation we want to remember who die for a right cause.

Rémi, we do not forget you! 

We are Anonymous.
We are legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

INFO DDOS protest


#Italy:The Veneto Regional Council Hacked & Exposed! Save Venice!

Anonymous is fighting to protect the environment and act against the corporations that systematically involve corruption and inefficiency. For this reason, we have fought against TAV Muos, LNG terminals, nuclear power plants, and incinerators.
Thus, we consider it necessary to express our opposition to dangers to our environment such as Moses, the system of movable panels that would protect Venice from flooding. The system has known design flaws, such as those related to the efficiency of metal hinges, which must be always be reliable during the rotation of the bulkheads, and which will be constantly submerged in saltwater.
One only needs to note the million-dollar system of bribes involving the former governor of Veneto of Forza Italy, Giancarlo Galan, to see the corruption within the system, ignoring logic over money.
We also wish to express our solidarity with organizations that fiercely oppose the crossing of the historic center of Venice by giant cruise ships that cause abnormal waves, thus putting at risk the delicate structure of the city. Massive pollution of the area is caused by fumes produced by these ships. Despite these concerns, in March the Regional Administrative Court of Veneto adjusted the right of vessels to pass through Venice until June, imposing a modest reduction of transits by 12%, and then would further consider the decision pending further action.
We also reported a story about an EFAL entity managed by Mario Ferrarelli - a former commissioner - and others who are now under investigation for fraud. The region is  choosing to extend ship throughfare at the expense of its previous European funding, which mentioned about 1,800,000 Euros embezzled by the director of the institution, which was earmarked for and never invested in the promised training of young people.
We also recall that in July, the Veneto Region has decided to halve funding for battered women's shelters. The nature of the Veneto Regional Council therefore does not differ from that of many other principals of an elitist state: while the impoverished masses are forced to fight for jobs that are less and less dignified and more underpaid and deprived of rights. Meanwhile, the powerful lords of the Veneto Region, headed by former governor Galan, pocket millions in bribes.
We can therefore reasonably assume that the entire Veneto Regional Council is nothing but a mass of ravenous parasites devoted to the robbery of the weakest.
This is proven by the disregard shown by the rulers of the Veneto renewing the right of passage of ships through the historic center of Venice, sacrificing the health of citizens and neglecting the artistic heritage in the name of financial gains due to the increase in tourism.
In the meantime, funding for women's protection and shelters has been cut in half, showing the true nature of the patriarchal system that controls Veneto by the Regional Council. In the name of all women raped, beaten, or killed by gender-based violence, we curse the entire Veneto Regional Council, made up of mysogynistic politicians.
We are firmly convinced that the citizens and taxpayers of Venice are perfectly capable of deciding the resources and means of production in the most efficient manner, making decisions without being corrupted by payoffs.
We support freedom of information and knowledge, the right to housing based on income, health and education, advocating the legalization of soft drugs, rights for homosexuals and transsexuals, the immediate approval of a law against police brutality, and the immediate closure of psychiatric hospitals that are little more than human zoos. Anonymous sided with the population in the fight against the destruction of their environment, with the Notav who oppose the TAV to citizen of Niscemi that fight against Mous, with the Brazilian Kayapo who seek to defend the Amazon rainforest against destruction caused by mega-dams, and with the inhabitants of Venice who are angry about the damage caused by Mose and Grandi Navi.
In this spirit, being among those who are facing the prevailing socio-economic elite who consciously choose to fight to herald in the revolutionary overthrow of the establishment, Anonymous has decided to disclose the entire email archive of the Regional Council of Veneto. The material posted here contains the emails and documents of these individuals, as well as members of these institutions who have communicated with third parties. This data has been collected via intrusion into the webmail host consiglioveneto.it
We believe in ensuring freedom of information, allowing everyone to see the true nature of the issue; in fact, to know precisely the reality of the situation, which will be a necessary condition for true change.
We therefore urge everyone to download and read the information disclosed by the current operation, and we implore the public to directly investigate the quoted material in order to highlight the atrocities of the power-hungry elite in Veneto, who are exploiting their city, the humans within it, and the environment for their own greed.

We are Anonymous.
We are legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

Accounts list

Intranet HACK!


#MOSE for Venice #Italy


A few days after the investigation on Expo2015,a series of investigations started within MOSE.
This system, aimed at the protection of one of the most beautiful cities in the world, has a strong meaning in relation to the entire planet: in Italy we want to preserve and protect the wonders of our country.
Or at least we try.
Is there anyone with a personal idea of ​​civic engagement, which tends to forget how important a project for the community, and rather stands with his hand in his pocket, holding the project and ready to receive the money.
There is talk of 30 million fake bills, a hundred suspects, twenty arrests, the higher ranks of financing the corruption, and € 5.5 billion already guaranteed by the state. Such important work devoured from within by a system that provides an abundance of millionaire investements into a few companies that are being made richer by the workload being placed our shoulders, taking our money and disregarding the fate of a city with an ancient heritage. The purpose of accumulating all this money? Bribing for the survival of the system of power and enrichment that has always been the undercurrent.
We are Anonymous
We are legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Expect us

More: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MOSE_Project

Consorzio Venezia Nuova
Mantovani. S.p.A.
Comune Venezia
and many more will be soon




more update soon!


Today begins the week of marketing energy, and sustaining profits for the biggest companies.

EU Sustainable Energy Week HACKED!!!
more than 10.000 accounts from companies and governments

Worldbank,Bayer,ExxonMobil,Enel,Edf,GE,Shell,BP,Eni,Nokia,Intel...and many others.
operation initiative to encourage real #sustainable #energy

Hacked List:
https://docs.zoho.com/file/egrja2d5495484a724a05a2495e9e73f81dcc (filetype .csv)
https://docs.zoho.com/file/egrja900ddc3ea08942d992eee71fc6b9f024 (filetype .ods)

Europe Commission initiative in Bxl from 23-27 June 2014, 1-30 June across the EU.

This operation aims to underline the hypocrisy and deceit of the financial powers in Europe. Today begins the week of marketing energy, and sustaining profits for the biggest companies. The event is organized by the European Union, however, the list of accounts that we have stolen from the database of "www.eusew.eu" indicates that high profile companies are also involved in the profitable destruction of ecosystems. Bayer, Dow , ENEL, EDF, GE, Shell, BP, ENI, Nokia, and Intel, to name only the most famous, as well as the involvement of the WWF and the World Bank. Now everyone can see for themselves what's truly being sustained for this event; simply download the published data and perform a search by name or industry with respect to each of the aforementioned companies; in each case you will find that there are many accounts of leaders of various levels corresponding to each of them. With this you can also highlight the involvement of more or less influential members of the ministries of the environment across Europe. The affected site is managed by the organizers of the Sustainable Energy Week, so the fact that a known unsustainable industry appears in the list given to us reveals that the event organizers hold regular contact with the industries .

We invite everyone to decrypt the passwords on the list of accounts and use it to merge the databases of governments and industries, making the most of your right to freedom of information. The website "www.eusew.eu" is nothing more than a deceptive facade built for the committee of the companies whose intent is to mar the natural landscape and the health of human beings in the name of pure profit. Evidently none of the parties involved have the moral dignity to be able to discuss the defense of ecosystems and sustainable energy which stolen top secret documents aren't needed to prove. The proof is all around you, and it is a subject of many infamous abuses.

To name a few: 1.) Bayer: up until a few years ago, Bayer was producing a large amount of insecticides which are used on crops, however these insecticides are a major cause in the dissapearance of bees worldwide. We must keep in mind that in the event pollinating insects like bees become extinct, agricultural industry and production would grind to a halt, and lead to a worldwide famine. Another tragedy induced by the Bayer company resulted from one of its medical products, known as "FACTOR 8", intended for use by Hemophiliacs. This product was found to be contaminated with HIV after its use resulted in millions of deaths. It was later revealed that Bayor had knowledge of this contamination. 2.) Dow chemical: We must include the destruction caused by the explosion of the Bopal plant in India, resulting in the spread of a toxic cloud affecting hundreds of thousands of people. 3.) ENEL: The case of the Mochovce nuclear power plant, revealed by a previous operation, the veracity of which was confirmed by Greenpeace, is a nuclear power plant built with cheap materials, according to the safety standards of the 1950s ( lack of double wall containment for the radioactive material), and taking advantage of unskilled workers. The incriminating documents that prove all of this was handled on behalf of ENEL. We must also mention a report that ENEL operates power generation facilities throughout Europe that often burn toxic materials, as in the case where the company had used Torrevaldaliga coal containing sulfur residues that fall to the ground as rain laden with sulfuric acid. 4.) EDF: Among its various activities we mention the numerous French nuclear power plants that are responsible for producing various kinds of cancers and radioactive emmissions that destroy the fish and fauna of the rivers. To ensure that uranium is needed for their operation, the French president Francois Hollande did not find any more fitting solutions than to invade a defenseless country in Africa and plunder the uranium-rich subsoil. 5.) GE: We keep the Fukushima nuclear disaster in mind when it was discovered that the plant technology was provided by General Electric. 6.) Shell: Remember that your mining activities in the Niger Delta have contaminated the natural land with oil, forcing fishermen into poverty and stealing from your oil drilling pipes to survive, risking their lives in the process. 7.) BP: We mention the disaster of April 2010 caused by the oil drilling platform "Deepwater Horizon" collapsing, and the subsequent pollution of the entire Gulf of Mexico, an area where the after-effects are still present, and a devastated marine ecosystem which has been impoverishing the once thriving fishing community and related businesses of the area as well as its fishermen. 8.) ENI was also implicated in the oil exploitation in the Niger Delta and then charged with the same atrocities committed by BP. We haven't forgotten an incident similar to that of the deepwater horizon tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico occurring at the offshore oil rig Perro Negro in the congo. 9.) The WWF is part of the roundtable for sustainable production of soy, and a similar roundtable for the sustainable production of palm oil. It boils down to business committees that bring together large multinational companies that profit from destroying nature with pesticides and GMOs. Together with these organizations, the WWF is committed to certify their falsely eco-sustainable food products. The purpose of these associations is to promote the perceived legitimacy of the GMO-producing corporations and their image along with coordinating investments to buy huge tracts of land for cultivation. It is often that forested areas are being destroyed along with the animals that lived in the areas in order to make way for GMO crops. This is the fate of most of the forest, along with the orangutans of the Borneo-outans. 10.) Nokia: As evidence provided by a UN investigation suggests, we know Nokia may have been involved in a war in the congo in the beginning years of the new millenium. In fact, regardless of the conditions and methods of extraction for coltan, at that time Nokia and other mobile phone and computer-producing companies greatly increased production of the mineral . This led to the first of an endless series of wars involving numerous armed groups in the looting of Congolese coltan miners extract from poor adhesive force alone of their arms. An inhuman work in contact for at least 12 hours a day with coltan, material proven to be radioactive. The death toll for the first Congolese civil war is an estimated one million victims.

With these few examples the ignominy of large multinational groups of arrogant parasites, contempt of man and nature with the help and complicity of the European Union will start today, a week of sustainable energy. The powerful industries and governments of Europe do not fool Anonymous and OperationGreenRights with this latest marketing scheme, under the colorful lights of the site www.eusew.eu The stained brand of your names, bloodied with ruthless exploitation, are all too transparent. Bayer, Dow, ENEL, EDF, GE, Shell, BP, ENI, Nokia, Intel have committed crimes against their fellow man and they have to answer in front of all humanity, so you have no moral authority to give lessons to the world on energy or environmental sustainability. It's obvious to everyone that your only interest is to get rich as possible without regard to environmental impact. You have no credibility when you claim to stimulate new forms of energy production alternatives to oil and uranium. Anonymous wants instead to refer to a scientist of brilliant intellect, who in his presence, with abject minds poisoned by profit, you usurpers of governments and industries hardly deserve to be called "human". That scientist's name is Nikola Tesla . We quote his own words: "everyone can have free energy resources. Electric power is everywhere present in unlimited quantities and can support the industrialized world without coal, oil or gas." And we would add "without uranium" to his list. In the name of this great mind and scientific soul, not subject to unclean profit, the criminal clique of state officials and their allied industries will meet their downfall. In conclusion, we speak for everyone when we demand that our people and environment must no longer be afflicted by your destructive chemicals and political subjugation.

We are Anonymous
We are legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Expect us
You should have expected us.