Monsanto TweetStorm

 Monsanto TweetStorm OCTOBRE 10
Proposed Tweets: Main hashtags: 
#Hashtag #MarchOct12
 Monsanto TweetStorm OCT 10 http://tinyurl.com/MAMTweetStorm1  

March/Op Against Monsanto coming soon 

NOTE: Please make new posts instead of retweeting or sharing. 
New tweets and new status updates are best October 12, 2013 

Information for tweet storm.


The purpose of the Tweet Storm is to help us spread the message about March Against Monsanto which is worldwide October 12th, 2013. We want to spread awareness and encourage people to join us. Please read information below. Please invite all of your friends to this event.

A twitter storm is where we all tweet at once to amplify our voices and get a special hashtag trending on twitter. We will reveal the special hashtag we want to get trending on twitter @marchagainstm https://twitter.com/MarchAgainstM right before the tweet storm.

Feel free to tweet, facebook, tumblr, email, and call your friends about March Against Monsanto in the meantime.

Countdown Clock Here:

Find your time zone here:

This event is open to everyone worldwide. Please help us tweet and get the word out!

Common Time Zones
9pm Moscow
8pm Greece, Turkey, South Africa
7pm France, Germany
6pm UK, Ireland
1pm US Eastern
noon US Central
11am US Mountain
10am US Pacific

Here are some example tweets. Please add your own tweets to this too. http://titanpad.com/35AjxLhNTm

A quick introduction to twitter http://youtu.be/ygoqGfLBqFs

Please join the other tweet storm too. https://www.tinyurl.com/MAMTweetStorm2

Find your local March Against Monsanto for October 12th. http://www.march-against-monsanto.com/p/blog-page.html

Please help us Thunder Clap! Sign in with your facebook and twitter account. Help spread the message. http://tinyurl.com/ThunderClapMAM


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