[update] Kemet, Traxys the whole mankind is looking on you!

Un trial in 2001 accused Kemet and Traxys to be involved in Congo civil war of 1998. It was a war for Congo's ores in particular for coltan. Lot's of people digged coltan with bare hand for few money. Coltan is quite radioactive so workers had terrible injuries. Also Nature got devasted in order to dig coltan and most of the wild animals got killed. Now the situation is not very changed A civil war,by mrs Ntaganda,warlord formerly involved in 1998 war, is growing up in Kivu, a reagion of DRC very rich of coltan and minerals. Great firms, like Kemet are already digging minerals and coltan from congo. Kemet , UN trial dont' punish you for your crimes, but Anonymous does not forget!
We find an email in Traxys' database wich proof that traxys is interest in illegal lead ore trade from Congo.
The email cleary says that the lead ore is carried from Congo to Zambia. This behaviuor was typical of warlords involved in 1998 Congo's war for coltan. So this fact look very strange. Probably the lead ore is taken to Zambia in order to permitt traxys to say that the ore comes from Zambia and not from war areas in Congo.
Further more, Traxys declare on 8 May 2012 to stop mineral sourching from Congo's war areas. So probably Traxys is lieing to everyone.

www.kemet.com & www.traxys.com down 
for 4 Hours from


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