Monsanto Tango Down in support of soy War in Paraguay

Press release by PLF
Anonymous and The People's Liberation Front are proud to announce the launch of Operation Paraguay. At the request of the people of Paraguay, light must be shed upon the rampant corruption in the heart of the Americas. The people have been trampled, their rights have been ignored. Their voices silenced. This will no longer be allowed. A list of demands made and agreed upon by locals living in the land of Paraguay are as follows: - Recuperación de las tierras malhabidas. - Rechazo del proyecto de ley de bioseguridad. - Reforma agraria integral. - Saneamiento total del Poder Judicial. - Desbloqueo total de las listas sábanas. - Inscripción automática y universal para el sufragio. - Reestructuración total del TSJE. - Desmonopolización de los medios de comunicación. - Servicio de transporte digno y a precio justo. - No flexibilización laboral de las MyPimes. - Educación a favor del Marco Rector. 
-1. Recuperation of lands that are wrongly invested and embezzled 
-2. Agriculture reform. items 1 & 2: (official data of the Paraguayan ministry of agriculture): We can observe en the last 4 years: *Agriculture has been raised on a annual rate of 6.5% and is right now represents the 28% PIB. *The exportations has been raised to 2.17 billion US$ on a annual rate of 23%. If you only consider soy, meat, cotton, it covers the 58% of the exports. Socially you can appreciate that: the poverty of the rural zone has not gone down, and its maintained on superior levels of the 35% Migration continues from the farms to the city and even if part of the population on neighboring countries. The productivity of the farm family continues to be on the fourth quadrant: Quantities of farms due to category: Percentage of land: Family owned farm lands (hectares) 264822 farms 91%= 1960112 (ha) Big companies: 24844 farms population 9%= 30566963 23844 farms owned by big conglomerates own 30 million five hundred and sixty six thousand nine hundred and sixty three hectares. It is deduced that a large portion of land was bought of by conglomerates from corrupt military leader, government officials and other "beneficiaries" during the "mas land reorganizations" during the end of the dictatorship. The production conglomerates, mostly with lands that were gained from corrupt transactions which even though with a big increment to the national economy, which is sadly and contradictory mixed with the raise of rural extreme poverty. These conglomerates mostly gain in the production at expense of the rural farmers, aboriginal and popular sector. Right now the rural sector production is down on the 20% of the total cultivate. 
3: total refresh on the judicial system and weed out the corruption from within it. 
4: the total unlock of the "blanket lists" which one does not know who one votes for to the senate, parliament and governors seats So people can know who they vote, and the corrupt that stay in power through this method could be weeded out. 
5: universal and automatic encryption for voting. 
6: Complete restructure of the TSJE (Paraguayan Superior Elective Justice Tribunal) : There has been a criminal increase in 51 million American dollars approved by the senate only for the shady justification of "operational costs" and "salaries for legislates" source: http://dns1.abc.com.py/0/vnc/nota.vnc?id=tsje-gastaria-us-51-millones-en-planilleros (use google translate on source) 
7: De-monopolize the mass means of communications. 
8: Safe, Dignified public transit at a fair cost. (there has been horrible deaths and accidents due to this at the outrageous tariffs being charged by the private public transport system (there is no government public transit)) 
9: No more working flexibility for MyPimes 
10: rejection of the new projected biosecurity law: this proyect is a step backwards in Paraguay, mentioned project violates the institutionalization of the organizations that work for present biosecurity and opens up the use of GMO modified crops only available to big conglomerates. 
11: Transparency and arrests of all corrupt political and authoritarian figures as well as harsh punishment and arrests to the corruption within the police force. 
12: Universal Free complex health-care for all 
13: education in favor of the Marco rector law: the national constitution of 1992 in its 61st article represents the freedom of picking how many children, when and frequency that one wants to bring up a family as well as recibing coordination from pertinent educational, scientific, medical services that are adequate and just. 
Press release by PLF(eng+esp)

Anonymous Press Release - Operation Paraguay (English Translation) Saturday - June 16, 2012 11:00 PM UTC-4 Greetings world -- Anonymous has heard the cry of the oppressed people of Paraguay. The recent attacks and land seizures of farmers has not gone unnoticed. The denial of vital health services to the landless movement of farmers and the seizure of land during the time of Gen. Alfredo Stroessner while the military ruled has caused Anonymous to respond in force. Paraguay has one of the most fertile lands and richest cultures, and yet it's people can barely access this land due to the political corrupt-ocracy that governs in the way of a thinly vieled dictatorship. The paraguayan people cannot vote out the negligent representitives because of the blocked voting lists, the listas sabanas. They live in grinding poverty while an elite few are very wealthy because of corrupt, self serving political aliances. And so beginning tomorrow the great and noble people of Paraguay will take their place in the Transnational Global Cyber Insurgency and rise up in what many there are calling "Occupy Paraguay". Their aims are no different than the rest of the Occupy Movement, to remove the regime of greed and restore economic justice and equlity to the people. Anonymous, along with the Peoples Liberation Front, has joined together with our brothers and sisters in Anonymous Paraguay . We will defend and support the Occupy Paraguay protests with all of our ample resources and combined abilities. Within the week, when the protesters hit the streets by the tens of thousands - Anonymous and our allies will attack the intertubes of the Paraguayan government, and will continue a relentless and devastating assault upon the web assets of the Paraguayan authorities until either all the demands of the local protesters are met, or there is nothing left to ravage. The media are encouraged to follow the following Twitter hashtags for updates both from the protests on the ground and from the cyber front: @PLF2012 @OpParaguay @Antis3curityOPS @AnonymousPy_Ops Paraguayan activists, and all those who want to assist are encouraged to visit the following web site for information and other resources 
- www.PeoplesLiberationFront.net You can also join irc.anonops.pro #OpParaguay to participate in the cyber operations. 
 "Justicia Por Los Inocentes, Libertad Para El Pueblo" Somos Anónimos. Somos Legión. No olvidamos.No perdonamos ¡Espéranos! Autoridades Corruptas del gobierno Paraguayo ......¡Espéranos! 
Firma: Anonymous. irc.AnonOps.com #OpParaguay Poster de Operacion - http://bit.ly/KRulGq Anonymous Operations - http://bit.ly/HQSgah operation.paraguay@gmail.com

monsanto.com down !

Campesinos Stand UP!


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