Sign the Petition against Casa Pound the new violent fascist party in Italy

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Subject: CasaPound what is Casapound ?

Its an association with many place in Italian city their leaders call them "Third Millennium Fascists"
13/12/2011 a member of CasaPound killed two Senegalese people and grave injuries other 2 in Florence. Than shoot himself. His name was Ginaluca Casseri.
Jan-2013 Naples Magistrates proof that Casa Pound was preparing arsonism against Jewish shops.
Their aim was also to rape a Jewish girl student.
Never the less Casa Pound presented its candidates in the recent elections of 2013.
This shows that Casa pound is a Fascist party, and also a violent one.

For all these reasons # operationgrennrights asks that XII final and transient law of the Italian Constitution will be applied. The aforementioned law states : "It is forbidden to reorganize, under any form, the dissolved Fascist party."

Under Law 645 of 20 June 1952 art. 4, "Apology of fascism," we demand the immediate DISSOLUTION of Casa Pound and other fascist associations and we obscure the site www.casapounditalia.org

With this aim, #italy & #operationgreenrights is collecting signatures in an online petition.

Sign the petition at

www.casapounditalia.org DOWN FROM 3.00 pm GMT +1