The unsustainability of WWF certified soy

RTRS leak from database
from www.responsiblesoy.org

a part of the database and emails leaked https://privatepaste.com/de4245a561

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In 2005 Monsanto,WWF, Syngenta, Cargill, and an other few partners, founded the Round Table on Responsible soy (RTRS), and the Round table on Responsible Palm Oil. These associations, till now, certify the environmental sustainability of the cultivations by Monsanto and other groups.
In the aforementioned crops Monsanto and other growers use Round up (a pesticide by Monsanto based on glyphosate) which provokes cancer and genetic alterations. Furthermore, using Round Up, the soil becomes sterile in a few years.
Often pristine forest is destroyed in order to grow oil palms or soy. In Borneo 13,920 hectares of pristine forest have been destroyed in order to produce palm oil.

"The Round Table on Responsible Soy (RTRS) has reached a milestone of  having certified 1 million tonnes of soy. This milestone has been  achieved in 2 years, as the RTRS certification scheme has been  operational only since end of 2010.  This achievement more than doubles  the amount of soy certified under the programme in 2011, when 450,000  tonnes were certified. The RTRS has also seen good market uptake, with  91% of its volume already sold. The RTRS aims to work toward a volume of 5 million tonnes of certified  soy by 2015, in order to supply the growing demand from European  retailers, brands and feed companies."  This information comes directly from the WWF site.

 This means that most of the soy circulating will still be GM and that WWF will not do anything to change this tendency. We demand the use of only NON GM seeds because of the damaging consequences that come from the use of GM seeds. 
Can GM crops grown with glyphosate ever be sustainable?
WWF answers YES. 

We are against the corporations that take the right to decide what is right and what is wrong to eat, against the companies that move money based on the logic of accumulation of capitals, pushed by the obsession for profits, that decide and assert, even through marketing strategies, that their own product, is the best for everyone claiming monopoly and patents.
We fight against the WWF and its hypocrisy.
Furthermore RTRS and the Palm Oil Round Table are a lobby that forces small farmers to poorness and dependency, pressuring governments and constraining them to use GM seeds and pesticides that have terrible effects on the environment causing genetic mutations on the local flora and fauna.

We will continue the fight to overthrow the greedy exploiters: until the blood of who finds himself to be subjected to the laws that precede profit to the human element, won't continue to be shed.
No green-washing will ever trick us!
STOP the green mafia!
STOP your dirty green washing!

We are Anonymous
We are Legion
We do not Forgive 
We do not Forget 
Expect US


  1. All the WWF is interested in animals. Prince Phillip helped found this organisation and he's said (after many years of Royal benefits and luxury) that he would like to come back as a virus and cut down on the world population. This organisation does NOT care whether we suckle at Monsanto's teat.

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