#italy and #OperationGreenRights show the infrangement of the chemical releases limits by the taranto's ILVA

#Italy and #OperationGreenRights are still working on the data, about the chemical agents, contained in the dumps of Ilva's and Riva Group's database (www.ilvataranto.com & www.rivagroup.com). The chemical agents tables, sometimes, are not easy to read, sometimes is not possible to understand which is the real grade of production, of these materials, but is sure that some values are not crossable. Another certain is that these limits are applied by the law. The factories, which produce chemical agents over the limits set by the law, make this work dangerous for all the people who works in these places and for who lives in these cities. The limits are decided by the law, so are not changeable by the owners of these factories. One of the most dangerous chemical agent produced is furan (C4H4O). The furan is an organic persistent enviromental pollutant which naturally becames benzofuran polychlorinated, whom is associated to dioxins. Also normally, the furan is highly volatile close to room temperature and the detected concentrations are comparable to an enviromental disaster. The effects of furan are not only carcinogenic; the only concentration of this chemical agent can increase too much the occurrence of pneumological chronic diseases, atypical immunological disorders and even neoplastic diseases. The furan is also teratogen, which causes fetal problems. The ILVA's tables report that these chemical agents are produced over the limit, and this shall not be. Here you can see a table of ILVA's database (ilvataranto.com): http://pastebin.com/RrcF5RqW
The table shows the first detection on 15th May and the max value is set to 640 ng/m3. The values increase untill the 31th May remaining under the critical threshold. The 31th of May the max value became 800 ng/m3. How is possible that a limit set by the law was changed by the owners of this factory? As we can see there is not evidence that this law was changed, so the increasing of the chemical agents is illegal. We can also note that on 31th of May, when the limit of releasable furan were set to 800 ng/m3, the value of the agent is higher than 640 ng/m3.
So if this limit wasn't illegally set to 800 ng/m3, the table would show releases of furan, higher then 640 ng/m3, and, because of this, not passable by the law. The ILVA has changed the data of these enviromental surveys trying to legalize their releases.
Lr Puglia 19 December, 2008 (firmed Vendola)
Exhaust gas
Sum of PCDD and PCDF TEQ of 0.4 nanograms per cubic meter (ng TEQ/Nm3).
a) since 1st april, 2009: sum of PCDD and PCDF 2,5 ngTEQ/Nm3;
b) since 31st December, 2010, sum of PCDD and PCDF 0,4 ngTEQ/Nm3.
(Equivalence factors for the dibenziodioxins and dibenziofurans)
* The TEQ concentration is calculated using the factors of toxic equivalence reported in the 4th point of the first attached of legislative order 11th May 2005, n. 133 (Execution of the directive 2000/67/C)
Dioxins and furans (PCDD + PCDF)(*1) 0,1 ng/m3
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) 0.01 mg/m3
From here is possible to download the 1st attached (.pdf file) of the legislative order of 11th May,2005, n. 133 about the releases:  http://www.camera.it/parlam/leggi/deleghe/05133dl.pdf
(*) The limits values of release refer to the whole concentration of dioxins and furans, calculated as equivalent toxic concentration. In the link there are all the limit values of the substances before the sum.
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