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Our main goal is to gather information regarding any abuse against the enviroment, animals or people, at a national,regional,or local level.

Just to make you understand better: if they build a power line right behind your house or you witness any violence or discrimination from society or corporations and nobody can do anything about it or nobody has the courage to talk about it, you can contact us.

Sharing your problems and difficulties with us, will help us and will help you to investigate and exercise and take back our right to protest, a right that in our mind is naturally ours.
Please tell us which country is involved and the exact location and any other information you may consider important.

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  1. Anti-Monsanto House Remix by @_Sista_M #Anonymous #OperationGreenRights #Monsanto samples from Jeffrey Smith (Institute for Responsible Technology,) Dennis J. Kucinich (US Congressman/ DJK Calls Out Monsanto: Americans Demand GMO Labeling), Gary Null (GMO Ticking Time Bomb Documentary) & Vandana Shiva.


    Not only have these assholes been making a ton of money hauling toxic waste to be dumped in our water supply, one of their drivers physically attacked a middle aged woman who was simply holding a protest sign and they have let him keep his job.

  3. Hi there,
    I am a wife, mom & a new Grannie at Shawnigan Lake, B.C. Canada
    I know that you guys tried and did help us not to long ago...
    Our Community is growing so weary of our 4 year battle against the toxic soil dump. They are now sending letters damanding public Twitter appologises. SLAP suits are growing and I am as well as many of us are becoming very afraid and stressed.. We (I) have lost hours, days and weeks standing up for the protection of our drinking water. We need help as our Government keeps singing the same BS that the "Professionals" are monitoring it and the local Government has hands in it as well now. GOD Help us at Shawnigan


  4. 7:04pm

    Good evening please post this. This is Ceo greed at the purest sense of the word. Millions are either going to loose their jobs or cut down to minumum wage jobs due corporate greed of the new CEO greed. I am NOT thinking of me i am thinking of all the people who made WALGREENS their career and are either going to loose their jobs or going to get a major cut in pay from 16 or 17 or 18 or 19 dollars an hour to minumum wage because of this corporate greed I am thinking of all the disabled people who depend on the insurance and going to get screwed over because of this. In this econonmy thne older people and disabled WILL NOT BE ABLE to find a job

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