#Amazon STOP putting indigenous peoples' lives at risk

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Lot-67 is a part of Peru's Amazonian forest near Napo-Tigre rivers,were lives indigenous tribes. Peruvian laws call them IPVI(people in volountary isolation). They are indigenous people and they refuse any contact with outsiders.They simply want to live peacefully and preserve their culture and tradition.O.N.U. declarations and also peruvian laws states that indigenous lands are 'intangible' and any extraction activity,inside, is prohibited.But the same law states that the exploitation in the reserves can go ahead considering 'public necessity'.Perenco, which has head offices in London and Paris and is partnered 50% by the Vietnamese state oil company, PetroVietnam is starting petrol extraction in lot-67.They defends its operations by saying that since 1995 to the present 'there has been no evidence of non-contacted tribes within Block 67', citing a controversial report which it contracted a consultancy, Daimi-Peru, to write.  We underline that the existence of IPVI in this region has been explicitly or implicitly acknowledged by a wide range of government institutions, civil society organizations, companies and individuals in Peru and around the world,e.g.the National Institute for the Development of Andean, Amazonian and Afro-Peruvian Peoples (INDEPA), the former Natural Resources Institute (INRENA), The Field Museum in the USA, the company, Barrett Resources, which previously operated in Lot 67 and whose acquisition by Perenco was made public in early 2008.Moreover, according to Anders Krogh, from NGO Rainforest's Foundation Norway, the presence of indigenous tribes which in this region has also been acknowledged by the Council of Ethics within Norway's 'Government Pension Fund Global', as reported by The Guardian.
We are looking to a disgusting ethnic cleansing against indigenous tribes all around South America:
in Brazil Kayapos are forced to leave their lands in the Amazonian forest in order to build maegadams,also Whicholls had to fight againt the devastation of their sacred lands by the uranium extraction industry.In Perù people sometimes named as 'Arabela', 'Pananujiri', 'Taushiro', 'Aushiris' and 'Abijiras'are menaced by oil extracion firms.Amazonian forest,the lung of the entire Earth,will be destroyed in the name of the evil money.

Greedy,immondous extraction companies:your bloody oil can never be exchanged with the freedom of the peruvian indigenous people.
Powerful firm owners:you are responsible in front of the Human Kind for Genocide and environmental devastation;
                       Operationgreenrights will figth fiercely against you and your criminal strategies!

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(Vietnam Oil and Gas Group) 

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[UPDATE 21/11/2013] Anonymous supports the protest against the construction of the Belo Monte Mega-Dam.

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Anonymous supports the protest against the construction of the Belo Monte Mega-Dam.

Felicio Pontes, a Federal Public Prosecutor from the state of Pará, noted that 20 civil lawsuits have been filed since 2001 by his office (Ministério Público Federal) due to gross violations of human rights and environmental law in the licensing and construction of Belo Monte. 
"The only reason construction of Belo Monte continues is that a legal artifice dating back to the military dictatorship, known as "Suspensão de Segurança" (security suspension) allows chief justices of federal courts in Brazil, upon request from the central government, to unilaterally suspend decisions on lawsuits against violations of human rights and environmental legislation, invoking supposed threats to the country's economic order".

The indigenous Brazilian Xingu people wich are ancient and peaceful are forced to leave their land without any compensation. There had been over 20 violations against the Xingu people. We underline that the rights of the Xingu people are enshrined by a declaration of UN (United Nation).
Hundreds of square meters of the Amazonia Rain forest will be flooded in order to build the dam.

With this action we want to support the Xingu people in their thrive for their rights. Xingu indigenous people's culture is a legacy for the whole of mankind.
No production of electricity justifies the destruction of the natural habitat of both people which have been living in harmony with the flora and fauna for thousands of years.

Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon forest jumped to 28% in 2012 according to studies made by the Brazilian government.
Belo Monte dam's The construction of the dam go ahead due to special law of security that allows government to suspend civil rights in cases of emergency.

STOP deforestation in the Brazilian Rainforest and ethnic cleansing due to the mega dam!

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

IP address (www.brasil.gov.br)


[UPDATE 18/11/2013] Message from Anonymous to Leaders of Russia #OpGreenRights

Message from Anonymous to Leaders of Russia
On september 18th 2013, Greenpeace activists attempted to climb and establish themselves on the outside structure of a Russian oil platform to protest against imminent drilling. They were there to peacefully protest against the Arctic oil rush, which threatens grave harm to the Arctic environment.

The Russian Coast Guard quickly responded by launching several inflatables, manned with armed and masked agents. They proceeded to ram and slash the Greenpeace inflatables, threatened activists at gun and knife point and fired warning shots from automatic weapons.

The thirty men and women involved in the peaceful protest against the Arctic oil platform have since been detained by the Russian court and are charged with piracy and hooliganism. They face up to 15 years in prison.

The behavior of Russia designed to intimidate and silence the Arctic 30, is unacceptable to Anonymous and many others. Though the international condemnation of the actions and political and legal pressure has failed to urge Russia to release the activists so far.
Anonymous has therefor decided to respond with Operation Green Rights. The operation is designed to target high level communication assets of the Russian Federation world wide.
The precise and carefully executed actions will compromise Russian communication until all 28 Greenpeace activists, as well as the two journalists, have been released.
If Russia fails to release the detained innocent men and women, Anonymous will continue to intensify and expand the operation until their freedom has been completely reestablished.
Leaders of Russia.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

DDOS (distributed denial-of-service) protest 
Right to online protest

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#Ansaldo TANGO DOWN! 24h DDOS protest from 20.00 GMT+1 : Stop the nuclear, Mochovce's power plant must close!

TANGO DOWN for 24 hours
#Mochovce #Slovakia #Enel #Ansaldo 
Mochoche nuclear plant (Slovakia): technicians by Ansaldo do not evaluate,guilty,the enormous risks of the plant!

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#Mochovce Account EMAILS (txt+images)



Leaked emails reveal major safety risks of Slovakian nuclear power plant

PRESS Slovak

    Uniklé emaily odhalují bezpečnostní rizika slovenské jaderné elektrárny
    Rádi bychom se vrátili k otázce ohledně Slovenské Elektrárne, jaderné elektrárně umístěné v Mochově na Slovensku, řízené společností ENEL. Z uniklých emailů získanách ze společnosti STF Controlli (STF S.p.A) a osobních účtů zaměstnanců společnosti Ansaldo vyplývá, že reaktory číslo 3 a 4 byly postaveny pracovníky bez jakýchkoli znalostí a bez patřičné dokumentace.
    Z uniklých emailů vyplývá, že dokumenty, jež STF Controlli prezentovala společnosti ENEL, byly zkresleny tak, aby zakryly mnoho problémů týkajících se těchto dvou reaktorů, které se blíží svému dokončení.
    Mimo jiné jsme uvolnili seznam součástí trpících kritickýmy nedostatky. Vedle identifikačního čísla   každé komponenty je závažnost jejího nedostatku, jež je v nemálo případech označen slovem „KRITICKÝ“. V tomto seznamu jsou takovýchto komponent desítky.
    Nejen že tedy byly reaktory 3 a 4 (stejně jako reaktory 1 a 2) postaveny bez dvojitých ochraných stěn, a to ze stejného materiálu, jeký se používal pře stavbě elektrárny v Černobylu, ale navíc stavbu provádějí nekvalifikovaní pracovníci.
    Na  závěr tedy opakujeme, že stavba reaktoru číslo 3 a 4 je velice riskantní.


We want to return to the question of the Slovenské Elektrárne nuclear power plant controlled by ENEL located in Mochove, Slovakia. We contend that the emails obtained from STF Controlli (STF S.p.A) and from the private account of an Ansaldo's member demonstrate that reactors numbers 3 and 4 were built by workers without any skills and without any documented supervision.

The documents that "STF Controlli" showed to ENEL were manipulated to hide many problems of the two reactors, which are nearing completion..
This has been proved by means of the released emails. We have also released the list of the nuclear plant's parts affected by critical problems. Next to the identification code of all components is indicated the severity of the problem that in some cases is indicated by the word "CRITICAL". There are tens of components at serious risk.

We want you to become directly aware of what we support, so refer to the press already published which contains the verbatim transcript of the passage of the emails that prove the above.
But this is only a small part of the documents released on Mochovce's power plant, so we invite you to examine the contents of the entire archive.

This is posted on the BLOG or directly to this link
OR http://pastebin.com/FAWeYtBV (zippyshare.com mirror link)

We give everyone the freedom to personally judge the value of the information mentioned above.

So in the final analysis, any remaining doubts about the safety of the nuclear power plant are cleared, not only environmental groups show that reactors 3 and 4 (as number 1 and 2) were built without double walls of containment and use old Soviet produced material from before the Chernobyl disaster. As demonstrated by the data released, these substandard materials were assembled by totally unqualified personnel and safety certificates issued to ENEL have been altered to hide the numerous poorly done works.
In addition, we repeat, the endless list of components affected by the malfunctioning cited above proves conclusively that, as we presumed utilising Soviet technologies of which reactors 3 and 4 are composed is extremely insecure. 
Stop the nuclear, Mochovce's power plant must close!


#Nov5th Operation n°1: Double leak from ENEL. It's proved! ENEL built the Mochovce nuclear plant without supervision and without any knowledge! Operation n° 2: leaks from ENEL coal Power Plant of Torrevaldaliga Nord


Internal emails and documents, obtained by Anonymous from plant's owner ENEL, have revealed mayor safety problems regarding the construction of two new reactors of the Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant in Slovakia. The leaked documents, which contain inspection and monitor reports, reveal that minimum safety requirements are not being met and that pre-Tchernobyl materials made by the Former Soviet Union are being used for the construction of units 3 and 4.

In one of the emails, dated march 31st 2013, a STF employee states "from a test carried out at the construction site of the plant, we know that the inspector of the assembly activity did not manage the quality process and documentation in an appropriate way". The email further states that "currently the documentation has been brought into conformity despite the immensity of inconsistencies" and that "necessary checks had not been made".
An email [2], dated 31th march 2013  from the STF documentation, was sent by an STF member to others. It says that "by an ispection completed in Mochovce yard we know that the inspector who performed the inspection did not manage the process quality and documentation in a proper way", but "actually this documentation was conformed, altough many reported  "incongruities", however "the inspection were not done". So we claim that reactors 3 and 4 in Mochovce nuclear plan where builded without any supervision.  We underline: there were "many reported incongruities" from the project. These "incongruities" are differences between the reactors' projects and the actuallyto be poorly carried out labouring/manufacturing during the reactor construction. Moreover, the documentation for ENEL was, according to the email, "conformed" i.e. problems and/or anomalies were excluded/manipulated to produce satisfactory datasets. As the author of the email underlines, "the situation is more serious as we consider that we were talking about components of a nuclear power plant".

A second email we encounter [3], dated 18th january 2013, originates from the Ansaldo doxAn Ansaldo member writes of certain tests (and their results) "don't get lost inside calculation notes" and accomodates ENEL's comments. As we can read  from that email, Ansaldo's mathematical models do not contemplate working problems in the A202 component of the plant. It has, however, been revealed that there are issues concerning the use of this component due to "free support upward", thus ENEL noted that there can be "non-linearity" (unpredictability) in the nuclear reactor's functions and/or readings during operation [3]
Further to the correspondence, documents dated 20th december 2012 detail various results from the Mohovce plant. As can be seen by by these initial offerings, there exist many issues that are, at times, designated as "critical".  This is not exclusive to test results from reactor operation alone but are also found in tests for various components used within the reactors, also marked as "critical"

So, these documents we release highlight that the Mohovoce plant, property of ENEL, was built quickly, without satisfactory controls, with a willful ignorance to concerns and with potentially inferior materials.

This is made worse by the fact that ENEL makes only symbolic investments in alternative energy. For example, solar power collected by fluid pipes warmed with mirrors: this system is perfectly efficient, but ENEL doesn't seriously want to improve it.

Evil exploiters of Nature and human beings, we know your name: ENEL is the same company that participates in hydroelectric projects in South-America, contibuting to the destruction of one of the last indigenous populations on Earth.

So, we're not surprised to discover that you own potentially deadly plants, putting at risk thousands of people and the surrounding environment. Whether or not your huge profits can justify injury and/or death on some scale, is at the discretion of your board of directors.

Powerful people of the world: damn your competition, exploitation, want of money, your submission faith. No nuke, no human and nature exploitation!


We are Anonymous
We are legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Expect us


Le email che ci apprestiamo a pubblicare riguardano la centrale nucleare di Mochovce in Slovacchia. Il materiale rilasciato contiene anche documenti inerenti a controlli svolti sulle più svariate componenti dell'impianto. Premettiamo che ENEL proprietaria dell'impianto tramite la controllata Slovenske Elektrarne stà completando la costruzione di due nuovi reattori privi, come i due già esistenti dei requisiti minimi di sicurezza come ad esempio doppie pareti di contenimento del materiale fissile. Per la costruzione dei due nuovi reattori ( 3 e 4 ) saranno utilizzati materiali sovietici prodotti prima del disastro di Cernobyl ( http://bit.ly/GJVBIF ). Seguono le spiegazioni dettagliate di due diversi gruppi di documenti che riportano controlli inerenti ai citati reattori 3 e 4 effettuati in un caso da Ansaldo e nell'altro da STF controlli per conto di ENEL.

Questa email del 21 marzo 2013 ( https://privatepaste.com/01eaa1cada/kostf ) proviene da quelle che riguardano STF controlli.
E'inviata da un membro di STF ad altri membri di della stessa azienda. Dice che "da un controllo eseguito presso il cantiere di Mochovce si evince che l'ispettore che ha seguito le attività di montaggio non ha gestito la qualità dei processi e la documentazione in modo appropriato",ma "attualmente la documentazione è stata resa conforme,nonostante l'immensità di incongruenze riscontrate",tuttavia "non sono stati fatti i dovuti controlli". Ciò significa che nessuno ha controllato davvero che i lavori di montaggio dei reattori 3 e 4 siano stati effettuati correttamente,infatti si riscontra un' "immensità di incongruenze" rispetto al progetto pattuito. Queste "incongruenze" sono lavori mal eseguiti. Tuttavia la documentazione rilasciata ad ENEL "è stata resa conforme",cioè tutti i problemi sono stati taciuti manipolando i dati. Come sottolinea lo stesso mittene ( membro di STF ) "la situazione riscontrata è ancor piu'grave se si considera che trattasi di componente montato in una centrale nucleare."

Segue un'altra mail, di venerdì 18 gennaio 2013  tratta da quelle che riguardano Ansaldo.(https://privatepaste.com/9f9c945757/koansaldo)

Un membro di Ansaldo scrive, relativamente ai risultati dei test, di "non perdersi nelle note di calcolo" e di assecondare i commenti ENEL. Come si evince dall'ultima parte dell'email segnalata, i modelli matematici preparati da ansaldo non prevedevano irregolarità nel funzionamento del componente A202 della centrale, tuttavia il modello in realtà si è rivelato errato dicono a causa del "supporto libero verso l'alto", quindi ENEL ha fatto notare con commenti critici che vi è una "non linearità" ( cioè imprevedibilità ) nel funzionalento dei reattori nucleari (https://privatepaste.com/9f9c945757/koansaldo). Tra i documenti rilasciati ve ne sono altri risalenti al 20 dicembre 2012, dove si riportano i risultati di controlli effettuti sull'impianto di Mochovce. Come si scorge anche da una prima occhiata,  i problemi evidenziati sono numerosissimi e molti sono catalogati come "critical" ( molto gravi ). Analoghe conclusioni si traggono osservando i dettagli dei  progetti di tubi e componenti varie, questi sono carichi di frecce rosse che indicano criticità.

Quindi  il materiale pubblicato con questa azione rende evidente che l'impianto di Mochovce, di proprietà ENEL è stato costruito con materiali scadenti ed assemblato frettolosamente senza competenenze nè controlli.

Tutto ciò è ancor più ributtante poichè ENEL limita gli investimenti nell'energia da fonti rinnovabili ad un livello poco più che simbolico. Si pensi ad esempio alla produzione di energia elettrica solare tramite il riscaldamento, per mezzo di specchi riflettenti, di un fluido intubato; il sistema è perfettamente efficiente e permette di produrre energia anche di notte, ma ENEL si guarda bene dall'implementarlo su vasta scala.

Immondi sfruttatori della Natura e degli esseri umani, il vostro nome non ci è nuovo; non è forse ENEL che partecipa ai progetti idroelettrici in Sud America, contribuendo allo sradicamento delle ultime popolazioni indigene ancora esistenti?

Non ci stupisce dunque scoprirvi proprietari di impianti mortiferi per centinaia di migliaia di persone e per l'ambiente circostante. Del resto, per voi capitani d'industria i profitti ingenti posson ben giustificare il rischio di qualche perdita umana.

Potenti produttori, potenti tutti: siano maledetti i vostri valori di competizione e sfruttamento, la vostra santificazione dell'accumulazione illimitata della ricchezza, le vostre fedi fatte di bieca sottomissione!
No al nucleare, no allo sfruttamento dell'uomo sugli esseri umani e sulla Natura!

We are Anonymous
We are legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Expect us

 #Italy Torrevaldaliga Nord power plant

 Emissions (Source: carma.org)

name             emissions_kg             year
Carbon Dioxide     4,355,010,000.00     2000
Carbon Dioxide     4,338,770,000.00     2007
Carbon Dioxide     19,504,500,000.00     2020


 Con questa seconda azione, Anonymous vuole dare il suo contributo a chi giorno per giorno si batte, nel luogo ove vive, contro le centrali elettriche che bruciando carbone avvelenano l'aria. E' grazie all'opera di documentazione del comitato "Senza paura", che lotta contro la centrale di Torrevaldaliga nord, che oggi possiamo dire con certezza che l'impianto citato opera con tecnologie scadenti bruciando ogni anno una quantità di carbone superiore di un milione di tonnellate al limite massimo previsto,per ragioni sanitarie,dalle leggi vigenti. Inoltre è stato accertato che il carbone contiene ina quantità di zolfo tre volte superiore a quanto consentito, ciò provoca piogge acide assai diffuse. Lo stesso sindaco di Civitavecchia ha protestato per i fumi e le polveri rilasciate dallo impianto,a vera e propria nebbia; costui ha anche sottolineato l'enorme incremento di tumori devastanti di varia natura. Tutto ciò è coerente con le valutazioni espresse dall'agenzia Europea dell'ambiente nel 2012 che evidenzia che impianti come quelli di Torrevaldaliga hanno un'impatto sulla salute pubblica addirittura superiore a quello dell' ILVA di Taranto. Questa immonda fabbrica di morte non si limita ad uccidere avvelenando l'aria,ma fagocita le esistenze degli operai che vi lavorano,infatti infatti l'ultimo grave incidente occorso presso la citata centrale risale al marzo 2013:  un silenziatore è scoppiato e, nel cadere a terra, avrebbe potuto colpire qualche operaio con conseguenze tragiche. La centrale è stata protagonista di numerosi incidenti in passato, a causa della riduzione delle spese destinate alla sicurezza e alla manutenzione. I morti che la centrale Enel di Torrevaldaliga Nord ha provocato sono ben 3.
ENEL le alternative alla tua lurida e mortifera energia esistono. Ribadiamo che è necessario investire in nuove tecnologie per produrre energia: e' evidente che grandi quantità di gas metano sono estraibili dai liquami fognari,che già ne producono spontaneamente,con l'ausilio di appositi batteri. Produrre metano dalle fogne aumenterebbe la ricchezza moltiplicando il valore dei liquami che oggi sono solo un problema. Ovviamente il metano prodotto può essere a sua volta usato per produrre energia elettrica con un bassissmo impatto ambientale.
La produzione di energia solare col sistema Archimede,progettato dal premio nobel per la fisica Carlo Rubbia è capace di produrre grandi quantità di energia anche di notte,ma voi signori dell'uranio e dei combustibili fossili,trovate più conveniente devastare aree incontaminate del Sud America col vostro idroelettrico o costruire centrali nucleari di bassissimo costro e di comprovata pericolosità,oppure avvelenare l'ambiente coi vostri gas letali per qualche kilowatt in più.
Operationgreenrights invita ogni persona ad indagare individualmente nel materiale rilasciato,infatti riteniamo che conoscere direttamente sia fondamentele per potersi opporre nel modo più efficace a chi ci opprime.

ENEL,ovunque,sulla Terra il tuo nome si associa a violenza e sfruttamento.Nessun potentato sia esso pubblico o privato potrà mai compiere nefandezze paragonabili a quelle di ENEL senza eser giustamente additato come cricca assassina spregiatrice degli esseri viventi. Tuttavia proprio poichè azienda pubblica l' ENEL, nella sua opera omicida,risulta addirittura grottesca, infatti, è lo stesso cittadino che oggi a Civitavecchia si ammala di tumore a dover contribuire alla sua distruzione fisica sovvenzionando regolarmente l'ENEL per la fornitura di energia elettrica che questa eroga, di solito, alla sua abitazione.

We are Anonymous
We are legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Expect us