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Op Pachamama Perú

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Informal and illegal mining is present in several regions of Peru, in recent years this activity has increased considerably. Illegal mining causes enormous damage to life, limb, health of people and the environment.
As  some organizations of environmental protection and some journalists  have noted, this is a rather complicated problem to tackle. Pedro Solano, director of the Peruvian Society for Environmental Law, said earlier this year that: On  the other hand, illegal mining in Madre de Dios, Puno, Huánuco and  other parts of the country progressed by leaps and bounds. Mining messy, polluting, devastating, illegal. Beyond  the significant efforts to intervene it and control it, the fact is  that advances, mocks and destroys the health system and our heritage. The institutions in this case seems to have a long way to go.

The places in the country are feeling more this topic in the Madre de Dios. Last  Sunday, The Republic submitted a comprehensive report on the "gold  barons" millionaires and informal miners whose activities are outside  the law, since they operate on sites that have not been franchised by  the state. The environmental consequences are quite visible.

Most importantly:
What did the State do? It  must be said that the present government has had the vocation to tackle  the issue, both through the destruction of dredgers, as the issuance of  Decree 1100, which authorizes the authorities to take action against  mining ban informal and other regulations related to this subject.
Another key issue is the beginning of a comprehensive monitoring of compliance with these legislative decrees. While  these standards are essential tools, illegal mining if we can hardly  cope officials and sectors that do not comply with the requirements.

Lands have been delivered by agricultural permits farmers to reforest nature reserves, but the miners invade depredating the area  because the concentration of gold in the ground is higher relative to mining corridor.
It was also reported that many forest concessions in Madre de Dios, serve as fronts for illegal mining, where reforestation pact with illegal miners to extract gold. Even police and other authorities are complicit.

The informal mining industry not only attracts violence and destruction of the environment. Also it is generating serious social problems, as the labor and sexual exploitation.

We condemn the systematic devastation of extensive territories and water sources of Madre de Dios by organized mafias that have the sufficient economic, political and legal power to support their atrocious plunder enslaving misinformed and defenseless persons and using them as cannon fodder to face the authorities that try to put order to this chaos.

We invoke organizations and population in general, to contribute in the consolidation of the classification and eradication of the informal mining industry that does so much environmental, social and economic damage to our country.

We demand to the government to intensify the fight against the illegal mining industry, to chase and eradicate these criminal activities. To sanction those corrupt authorities that are involved favoring illegal miners. To correct the disturbance of the areas used or affected by the illegal mining industry and the social impact generated by these activities, to protect our natural reservations, since they provide elements that are indispensable for the human survival, and also to preserve the modern way of life.

No Man's Land. The  past year Madre de Dios region mining royalties received as the tiny  sum of 93,000 suns, but one informal mining area, Celso Quispe, in a  month earns 6.9 million soles, while the brothers Fortunato and Walter Valer amass 5.2 million monthly. Miners are "informal".

Wiñay Qoya Pacha Mama | Madre Tierra, eterna emperatriz | Mother earth eternal queen
Willkachasqa Tejsimuyu | Adorada eres por los hijos del sol | Beloved by the children of the sun
Atiyniyoj kallpa runkhu | Origen del rayo y el relámpago | Source of thunder and lightning
Kamasqakunaj, tajyanan | Asiento de la fuente sagrada | Seat of the sacred spring
Kausaykunaj paqarinan | Creadora sutil de las aguas | Subtle waters maker
Mana phallwayniyoj pacha | Serpiente de inconmensurable movimiento | Snake of sacred movement

La minería informal e ilegal esta presente en varias regiones del Perú, durante los últimos años esta actividad se ha incrementado considerablemente. La minería ilegal es causa de enormes perjuicios para la vida, la integridad, la salud de las personas y para el medio ambiente.
Como algunas organizaciones de defensa del medio ambiente y algunos periodistas han advertido, este es un problema bastante complicado de abordar. La minería ilegal en Madre de Dios, Puno, Huánuco y otros puntos del país avanza a pasos agigantados. Minería desordenada, contaminante y devastadora. Más allá de los esfuerzos para intervenirla y controlarla, lo real es que avanza, se burla del sistema y destruye la salud y nuestro patrimonio.
El lugar del país donde se está sintiendo más este tema es en Madre de Dios, donde reportajes han sacado a la luz la existencia de mineros informales millonarios y cuya actividad se encuentra al margen de la ley, conocidos como los "barones del oro". Personajes que además de dedicarse al oro, trafican con las zonas forestales que invaden.
¿Qué ha hecho el Estado? Debemos aceptar que el actual gobierno ha tenido la vocación de enfrentar el tema, tanto a través de la destrucción de dragas, como con la expedición del Decreto Legislativo 1100, que autoriza a las autoridades a emprender acciones de interdicción frente a la minería informal, así como otras normas vinculadas a esta materia. Pero esto no es suficiente, si tenemos funcionarios y sectores que no cumplen con sus funciones.
Terrenos han sido entregados mediante permisos agrarios a los agricultores con el fin de  reforestar las reservas naturales, pero los mineros invaden la zona para  depredarla, debido  a que la concentración de oro en el suelo es mayor respecto al corredor minero. También se ha denunciado que muchas concesiones forestales en Madre de Dios, sirven de fachada para la minería ilegal, donde reforestadores pactan con mineros ilegales para extraer oro. Inclusive policías y otras autoridades son complices.
La minería informal no solo atrae violencia y destrucción del medio ambiente. También está generando graves problemas sociales, como la explotación laboral y sexual.
Condenamos la sistemática devastación de extensos territorios y fuentes hídricas de Madre de Dios por parte de mafias organizadas que tienen el suficiente poder económico y hasta político y legal para mantener su atroz saqueo esclavizando a personas desinformadas e indefensas y usándolas como carne de cañón para enfrentarse a las autoridades que intentan poner orden a semejante caos.
Invocamos a organizaciones y población en general, a contribuir en la consolidación del ordenamiento y erradicación de la minería informal que tanto daño ambiental, social y económico hace a nuestro país.
Exigimos al gobierno intensificar la lucha contra la minería ilegal, perseguir y erradicar estas actividades delictivas. Sancionar a aquellas autoridades corruptas que se ven involucradas favoreciendo a mineros ilegales. Corregir la perturbación de las áreas utilizadas o afectadas por la  minería ilegal y el impacto social generado por estas actividades, proteger nuestras reservas naturales, ya que ellas proporcionan elementos que son indispensables para la supervivencia humana, y también para preservar el modo de vida moderno.

We are Anonymous
We are Legion
We do not Forgive
We do not Forget
Expect us


What is niobium?

In our world, everything has become a function of Power. In our world organizations that fight against the Power are often, typically, another side of the same Power that controls our instincts, and our own expression of dissent.
Recently we posted a press against WWF  explaining that it as another instrument of power, a useful organization to legitimize the interests of  corporations looking for a "green guarantee" for their earnings (http://operationgreenrights.blogspot.fr/2013/03/the-unsustainability-of-wwf-certified.html).
In our world nothing is perfect, and sometimes it happens that public opinion is not modified in time, so that more and more people manage to focus their attention on a fact that highlights the atrocities of Power. That is the case, for example, of the war in DR Congo, where the international mobilization ensured that the same States that fostered the massacre of millions of people, stigmatized the war, abolishing the importation of coltan from DR Congo.
Power, however, never gives up, indeed, one of it's best strategies is to make out of an accident a potential resource ... the eyes of the world turned to DC Congo, meanwhile on the other side of the world ...
The Mountain of Six Lakes
Niobium is one of the minerals alternative to colombite and tantalum and it is normally used in alloys with the first two minerals, the extraction methods and refining are the same. Most of niobium in the world is in Brazil, extracted mostly from CBMM, controlled by the Moreira Salles, who also controls Unibanco. CBMM belongs to a 15% stake of a consortium of Japanese companies and a further 15 % to a consortium of Chinese companies.
The group Moreira Salles in Brazil take care of the mining interests of Molycorp, one of the largest companies in the world (USA).
The company extracts and refines Brazilian niobium in its mines in Minas Gerais and Pará, but has  acquired the rights to the largest field in the world of niobium (about 95%) located in the state of Amazonas, more precisely in the province of Sao Gabriel da Cachoeira, in the region of the Upper Rio Negro. The place is located in indigenous soil, protected, and it is here where the major problems start.
Officially, the mine is not used, but we know, from the testimony of local residents, that the extraction is still happening , even with complaints by CBMM, against the natives. Its legitimate use is linked to the crazy project of building an infrastructure for the transport of goods.
Moreover, in 2010 Wikileaks provided documentation about the strategic need of the Anglo-American control of niobium mines in Brazil, so in the South American country a movement was born called "o niobio é nosso", niobium is ours, which made ​​it difficult to mine, making it illegal.
The role of FUNAI
FUNAI is the government agency that is responsible for the protection of the Indians and their lands, but like any government organization the true purpose of his actions is hiding something bigger.
The protection of indigenous lands allows full control on them because no one can access them with the exception of the Indians residing or without the direct supervision of FUNAI, with regard to religious visitors, scholars and recently, with the law from the 90's, the military.
Groups of geologists went up to the Mountain of Six Lakes, and their research gave life to orders given to the military, the only Brazilians that can legally access those areas that use indigenous labor exploiting the work of the weakest.
When some scholars have pointed out this illegal exploitation, CBMM supported by FUNAI  accused the Indians of extracting niobium illegally. We ask ourselves, along with all those who have dealt with the matter, how the Indians could refine niobium, requiring temperatures above 3,000 ° C. This is also part of the strategy to take away the attention from the evidence. The evidence is showed on the map at the beginning of this paragraph, a few tens of kilometers south of the Six Mountain Lakes  there is one of the largest Amazonian military base, in the middle of nowhere, far from the borders, far from the same town , a road connects it with the Six Lakes Mountain that climbs towards north, towards Venezuela, another road to the east opens the way towards larger rivers where you can get anywhere.
These are the same routes among the favorites of the coca growers, the same people, Indians used as carriers, exploited as workers, the same subjects, the expression of power, controlling that all is done in the best possible way.
The role of international organizations (the infinite Colonialism)
The control of Amazonian resources is one of the great purposes of power, the forest has been and still is a place of research, extraction, exploitation and there are minerals of all kinds. And who has ever seen one of the main strategic goals are the Anglo-American powers.
We point our finger to an organization that fights fiercely for the protection of indigenous land and to explore the pristine lands: The Prince Charles Rainforest Project. Thanks to this international organization, showing up in every place where there are the world's largest mineral resources , Britain was able to set up"Rondonia", a link between Brazil and other neighboring states, a strictly private corridor, that connects the heart of 'Amazon to Guyana, which is listed as one of the states that in the coming years, will receive from the UN substantial economic resources aimed at developing infrastructure and transportation networks.

Nel  Nostro mondo, tutto è diventato funzione del Potere. Nel Nostro mondo  le organizzazioni che si battono contro il Potere sono spesso, in  realtà, un'altra faccia dello stesso potere, che attraverso esse  controlla i nostri istinti, controlla la nostra stessa espressione di  dissenso.
In  un press passato abbiamo indicato a questo scopo WWF come strumento del  potere, organizzazione utile per legittimare gli interessi delle  multinazionali alla ricerca di una "verde garanzia" per i loro guadagni  (http://operationgreenrights.blogspot.fr/2013/03/the-unsustainability-of-wwf-certified.html).
Nel  Nostro mondo nulla è perfetto, e a volte succede che l'opinione  pubblica non sia modificata in tempo, così che un numero sempre maggiore  di persone focalizza la propria attenzione su un fatto, che mette in  luce le atrocità del potere. Questo è avvenuto, ad esempio, per la  guerra in DR Congo, dove la mobilitazione internazionale ha fatto sì che  gli stessi Stati che fomentarono il massacro di milioni di persone,  abbiano in seguito stigmatizzato la guerra, arrivando ad abolire  l'importazione di coltan dalla DR Congo.
Il  Potere però non si arrende, anzi, è una delle sue migliori strategie fare di un incidente una risorsa... gli occhi del mondo rivolti alla DC  Congo, mentre dall'altra parte del mondo...
La Montagna dei Sei Laghi
Il  niobio è uno dei minerali alternativi alla colombite e al tantalio, viene utilizzato normalmente in leghe con i primi due minerali, le  modalità di estrazione e raffinazione sono le medesime. La maggior parte  del niobio nel mondo si trova in Brasile, estratto per lo più dalla  CBMM, controllata dal gruppo Moreira Salles, che controlla anche  Unibanco, CBMM appartiene poi per una quota del 15% ad un consorzio di  aziende giapponesi e per un ulteriore 15% ad un consorzio di aziende  cinesi.
Il gruppo Moreira Salles cura gli interessi minerari in brasile di Molycorp, una delle più grandi aziende del mondo (USA).
L'azienda  Brasiliana estrae e raffina niobio nelle sue miniere in Minas Gerais e  nel Parà, ma ha da tempo acquistato i diritti di sfruttamento del più  grande giacimento del mondo di niobio (circa il 95%) che si trova nello  stato dell'Amazonas, più precisamente nella provincia di Sao Gabriel da  Cachoeira, nella regione dell'Alto Rio Negro. Il luogo si trova in terra  indigena, protetta, ed è qui che nascono i grossi problemi.
Ufficialmente  la miniera non viene sfruttata, ma si sa, dalle testimonianze degli  abitanti della zona, che l'estrazione avviene, addirittura con denunce,  da parte di CBMM, nei confronti degli indigeni. Il suo sfruttamento  legittimo è legato all'impresa faraonica di costruire delle  infrastrutture per il trasporto delle merci.
Inoltre  nel 2010 Wikileaks fornì documentazioni circa la necessità strategica  da parte degli angloamericani di controllare le miniere di niobio in  Brasile, per tanto nello stato sudamericano nacque il movimento "o  niobio è nosso", il niobio è nostro, che di fatto rese difficoltosa  l'attività estrattiva, sommergendola nell'illegalità.
Il ruolo del FUNAI
Il  FUNAI è l'agenzia governativa che si occupa della protezione degli  indios e delle loro terre, ma come ogni organizzazione governativa il  vero scopo delle sue azioni nasconde qualcosa di più ampio.
La  protezione delle terre indigene infatti permette il pieno controllo  delle stesse perché nessuno può più accedere in esse ad esclusione degli  indios residenti o senza il diretto controllo del FUNAI, per quanto  riguarda religiosi e studiosi, e da ultimo, con legge degli anni 90, i  militari.
Gruppi  di geologi si sono spinti e si spingo fino alla Montagna dei Sei Laghi,  e dalle loro ricerche prendono vita gli ordini attibuiti ai militari,  unici brasiliani che possono accedere alle aree legalmente, che  utilizzano la manodopera indigena sfruttando il lavoro dei più deboli.
Quando  alcuni studiosi hanno indicato questo sfruttamento illegale, CBMM  appoggiata dal FUNAI ha accusato degli indios di estrarre il niobio  illegalmente. Ci chiediamo, insieme a tutti quanti si sono occupati  della vicenda, come pssano gli indios raffinare il niobio, portandolo a  temperature superiori ai 3.000° C. Anche questo fa parte della strategia  per distogliere lo sguardo dall'evidenza. L'evidena è rintracciabile  sulla mappa riportata all'inizio di questo paragrafo, poche decine di  chilometri a sud della Montagna dei Sei Laghi c'è una della più grosse  basi militari amazoniche, in mezzo al nulla, lontano dai confini,  lontano dalla stessa città, una strada la mette in comunicazione con la  Montagna dei Sei Laghi per salire poi a Nord, verso il Venezuela, un  altra ad Est apre la via verso i grandi fiumi navigabili attraverso cui  poter arrivare ovunque.
Queste  sono le stesse tratte tra le favorite dei cocaleros, le stesse persone,  gli indios, utilizzati come trasportatori, sruttati come lavoratori,  gli stessi soggetti, espressione del potere, fanno la guardia che tutto  avvenga nel migliore dei modi.
Il ruolo delle Organizzazioni internazionali (l'infinito Colonialismo)
Il  controllo delle risorse amazoniche è uno dei più grandi scopi del  potere, la foresta è stata ed è ancora meta di ricerche, estrazioni,  sfruttamento, ha riserve di minerali di ogni sorta. E chi ci ha sempre  visto uno degli scopi strategici principali sono le potenze anglo  americane.
Puntiamo  l'indice verso un'organizzazione che si batte strenuamente per la difesa  delle terre indigene e per l'esplorazione delle terre incontaminate: The  Prince Charles Rainforest Project. Grazie a questa organizzazione  internazionale, presente in ogni luogo siano presenti le risorse  minerarie mondiali, l'Inghilterra è riuscita a costituire la Rondonia,  un cuscinetto tra il Brasile e gli altri Stati confinanti, un corridoio  di fatto privato, che collega il cuore dell'Amazzonia alla Guyana, che è  indicata come uno degli stati che, nei prossimi anni, riceverà dall'ONU  ingenti risorse economiche finalizzate allo sviluppo di infrastrutture e  reti di trasporto.

We are Anonymous
We are Legion
We do not Forgive
We do not Forget
Expect us.



Sign the Petition against Casa Pound the new violent fascist party in Italy

Petition Text English version
Subject: CasaPound what is Casapound ?

Its an association with many place in Italian city their leaders call them "Third Millennium Fascists"
13/12/2011 a member of CasaPound killed two Senegalese people and grave injuries other 2 in Florence. Than shoot himself. His name was Ginaluca Casseri.
Jan-2013 Naples Magistrates proof that Casa Pound was preparing arsonism against Jewish shops.
Their aim was also to rape a Jewish girl student.
Never the less Casa Pound presented its candidates in the recent elections of 2013.
This shows that Casa pound is a Fascist party, and also a violent one.

For all these reasons # operationgrennrights asks that XII final and transient law of the Italian Constitution will be applied. The aforementioned law states : "It is forbidden to reorganize, under any form, the dissolved Fascist party."

Under Law 645 of 20 June 1952 art. 4, "Apology of fascism," we demand the immediate DISSOLUTION of Casa Pound and other fascist associations and we obscure the site www.casapounditalia.org

With this aim, #italy & #operationgreenrights is collecting signatures in an online petition.

Sign the petition at

www.casapounditalia.org DOWN FROM 3.00 pm GMT +1 


The unsustainability of WWF certified soy

RTRS leak from database
from www.responsiblesoy.org

a part of the database and emails leaked https://privatepaste.com/de4245a561

Press ENG

In 2005 Monsanto,WWF, Syngenta, Cargill, and an other few partners, founded the Round Table on Responsible soy (RTRS), and the Round table on Responsible Palm Oil. These associations, till now, certify the environmental sustainability of the cultivations by Monsanto and other groups.
In the aforementioned crops Monsanto and other growers use Round up (a pesticide by Monsanto based on glyphosate) which provokes cancer and genetic alterations. Furthermore, using Round Up, the soil becomes sterile in a few years.
Often pristine forest is destroyed in order to grow oil palms or soy. In Borneo 13,920 hectares of pristine forest have been destroyed in order to produce palm oil.

"The Round Table on Responsible Soy (RTRS) has reached a milestone of  having certified 1 million tonnes of soy. This milestone has been  achieved in 2 years, as the RTRS certification scheme has been  operational only since end of 2010.  This achievement more than doubles  the amount of soy certified under the programme in 2011, when 450,000  tonnes were certified. The RTRS has also seen good market uptake, with  91% of its volume already sold. The RTRS aims to work toward a volume of 5 million tonnes of certified  soy by 2015, in order to supply the growing demand from European  retailers, brands and feed companies."  This information comes directly from the WWF site.

 This means that most of the soy circulating will still be GM and that WWF will not do anything to change this tendency. We demand the use of only NON GM seeds because of the damaging consequences that come from the use of GM seeds. 
Can GM crops grown with glyphosate ever be sustainable?
WWF answers YES. 

We are against the corporations that take the right to decide what is right and what is wrong to eat, against the companies that move money based on the logic of accumulation of capitals, pushed by the obsession for profits, that decide and assert, even through marketing strategies, that their own product, is the best for everyone claiming monopoly and patents.
We fight against the WWF and its hypocrisy.
Furthermore RTRS and the Palm Oil Round Table are a lobby that forces small farmers to poorness and dependency, pressuring governments and constraining them to use GM seeds and pesticides that have terrible effects on the environment causing genetic mutations on the local flora and fauna.

We will continue the fight to overthrow the greedy exploiters: until the blood of who finds himself to be subjected to the laws that precede profit to the human element, won't continue to be shed.
No green-washing will ever trick us!
STOP the green mafia!
STOP your dirty green washing!

We are Anonymous
We are Legion
We do not Forgive 
We do not Forget 
Expect US


Anglo American hacked : "We curse you!"

 PRESS ENG version
Anglo American is a British multinational mining company headquartered in London, United Kingdom. They are the world's largest primary producer of platinum (accounting for about 38% of the worldwide annual supply) and mine many other things like diamonds, copper, nickel, iron ore and metallurgical and thermal coal. Many subsidaries belong to Anglo American: Anglo-gold, AngloGold Ashanti, Anglo American Platinum (Amplat).
It has operations in Africa, Asia, Australia , Europe, North America and South America
Based in South Africa, most of the group's operations lie in the northwest and northeast of Johannesburg. A majority of the company's operations take place in the Bushveld Igneous Complex, a large region that contains a range of mineral commodities including chromium, vanadium, titaniferous magnetite and platinum group metals.
Anglo American Platinum filed SLAPPs (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) against a South African (public interest) lawyer Richard Spoor, who represented indigenous communities affected by platinum mining on tribal land. 
Actions included: an application in the High Court for a so-called gagging order, ostensibly to prevent him further injuring the good name and reputation of the corporation; the lodging of complaints with the Law Society of  unprofessional behaviour; and the lodging of a civil action for damages for $500,000.
Anglo American Platinum also obtained an ex parte (without notice) order interdicting two tribal chiefs from interfering with their mining operations and had them arrested with charges of intimidation and trespass. 
Subsequently, followers of the two tribal chiefs were shot, beaten and arrested for protesting the mine's presence on the tribal land.
In August 2007, British charity War on Want published a report accusing  Anglo American Platinum's parent company Anglo American of profiting from the abuse of people in the (developing) countries in which the company operates.
In the report, Anglo American Platinum is accused of displacing communities in South Africa, including forcing the entire Magobading community off its land and into the Mecklenberg township.
In late October, 2012, security forces opened fire on mineworkers using rubber bullets. South African Miners have been striking since September 2012, and many of them have been injured and killed.
Anglo American has mines, suchas Catalão, in Brazil, where they dig niobium and phosphates that are used to produce fertilizer, glyphosate, and herbicides like Monasanto's Round-up, which caused water contamination and genetic mutations.
Great multinationals use "greenwashing" in order to avert human rights complaints.
So large firms raise funds from people declaring to protect mining war-areas and they use this money in order to get a better control of public opinion and mining areas.
We say enough to all of this, 
We refuse this great lie which sounds like the Nazi propaganda of the 30s.
Anglo American, you destroy nature and pursue and kill indigenous people.
In the name of tribal leaders, whom you have offended, and the natives you have deported, in the name of the miners killed during a strike against your dirty company, in the name of nature that you consider as a source of gain: We curse you!

We are Anonymous
We are Legion
We do not Forgive
We do not Forget
Expect US
Target hacked
...and more