#OperationGreenRights's back!

[Intro EN]
Over the past few years, the top producers of GMO products have been fighting a GMO labeling bill so that their genetically modified crops
won't contain any type of special label showing the consumers that their products contain GMO plants. Not only that, the GMOs have been mis-labeling
their products with keywords like "Organic", or just flat out lying about the contents of the products. This operation is mainly focused on those
companies and individuals who fight against the GMO labeling every time a new bill comes up; these companies spend millions to keep GMO labeling off
of our food products. 

  The GMO companies and the money they spend fighting GMO labeling bills:

You can reach the full pad here .
Join on IRC:
#OperationGreenRights - irc.anonops.com/6697


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