#OccupyBeloMonte Anonymous hack into PMERJ - Polícia Militar do Estado do Rio de Janeiro

We demand respect for the human rights of  the people involved, we are all victims of the future damages that will result after the construction of the hydroelectric dam.

A population of 25,000 indigenous people of 14 different nationalities will be pushed elsewhere.
The artificial lake created by the dam will flood 9 million hectares (over 22200000 acres), destroying forests and unique ecosystems. There have also been clashes between the local population and the military dictatorship that hopes to colonize the Amazon region.

We will continue our fight supporting the people, so that the construction of the hydroelectric plant of Belo Monte will be closed and we will continue demanding the Brazilian government to invest in truly efficient energy projects and clean energy sources, protecting the rights of local communities and indigenous ones, promoting sustainable development and preserving the ecosystem and their way of life.

We are Anonymous
We are Legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Expect us

Considering the disasters that are afflicting the human species depends on the forgetfulness and by the contempt of these inviolable rights, we state them in all their evidence:

  • The ecosystem has the right to be protected cause of his internal functionality.
  • So, we ask the real application of paper for the rights of indigenous people of the United Nations. We note that, the indigenous people, protecting their right to exist, defend the integrity of the ecosystem. So, we ask that  the application of the paper be extended to non-indigenous. Particularly we stand so the right for the choice of the environment, where people wants to live, protected by the United Nations paper, be exercised by every human both residing in cities or in rural areas more or less pristine. We want also that a person, who lived for a sufficient time to understand the conditions of the environment, can decide the fate of this last one. This can be realised only if the popular assemblies have decision-making power. We also clarify that the right of nomadism must be protected, cause of this are considered inhabitants of that place the sedentary and nomad people. That means who a nomad, that understands the condition of the place where he lives before leaving, can participate to the assemblies and give his advice.
  • The ecosystem has the right to be respected. No one human activity can justify his destruction or his irreversible alteration. This is more important if the ecosystem is uncontaminated.
  • The uncontaminated and not manmade yet planet's areas, like the uninhabitated areas of the Amazon's forest, has the right to be protected and to be safeguarded from any attempt to alteration of the system. The subject chosen for the protection of cited areas is the human gender, as whole the human inhabitants of the Earth. For the correct application of this right, people must be informed. This is extremely connected with the fact to have information without censorship, that States use for their interests.