#OpTestet Rémi, we do not forget you!



Testet, like many places on earth, is where local poeple are resisting a project, imposed on a beautiful wetland that had a bigger forest a few weeks ago, for so called social benifits. They want to build a dam where most the water will serve to irrigate massive cornfields for 20 industrial agricultures. But after some research it points to the fact that this and 15 other dams will all so serve to have water to cool ... yeah a nuclear plant in the region. The last X ôO years more and more useless, destructive projects of megalo size are getting imposed to the people that still have some contact with the natural aspects of our environments. These people are getting expropriate and getting in return enough money to rent or buy their cell in the metropoles. The land and its habitants are getting poisoned, extinct, exploited. In response to this and many other factors within our social and political structures of existence, people are looking for other forms of organizing themselfs, their environment, and to resist to the forms that we get imposed by the capitalist and fascist mouvements. ZAD testet is one of those points where this experience commes to reality. where poeple are trying to bring life to a more humain and conscious level, where solidarity and horizontal powerstructres are more valued then domination and exploitation... and hell yeah, we will fight for it! 

" To you that view everything that exists as a commodity to buy or sell in the name of vile economic profit, we say that a roll of bills will never replace the beauty of nature. Your dirty money will never eliminate the need for protests against the exploitation of man and planet. "
With this operation we want to remember who die for a right cause.

Rémi, we do not forget you! 

We are Anonymous.
We are legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

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