#Amazon STOP putting indigenous peoples' lives at risk

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Lot-67 is a part of Peru's Amazonian forest near Napo-Tigre rivers,were lives indigenous tribes. Peruvian laws call them IPVI(people in volountary isolation). They are indigenous people and they refuse any contact with outsiders.They simply want to live peacefully and preserve their culture and tradition.O.N.U. declarations and also peruvian laws states that indigenous lands are 'intangible' and any extraction activity,inside, is prohibited.But the same law states that the exploitation in the reserves can go ahead considering 'public necessity'.Perenco, which has head offices in London and Paris and is partnered 50% by the Vietnamese state oil company, PetroVietnam is starting petrol extraction in lot-67.They defends its operations by saying that since 1995 to the present 'there has been no evidence of non-contacted tribes within Block 67', citing a controversial report which it contracted a consultancy, Daimi-Peru, to write.  We underline that the existence of IPVI in this region has been explicitly or implicitly acknowledged by a wide range of government institutions, civil society organizations, companies and individuals in Peru and around the world,e.g.the National Institute for the Development of Andean, Amazonian and Afro-Peruvian Peoples (INDEPA), the former Natural Resources Institute (INRENA), The Field Museum in the USA, the company, Barrett Resources, which previously operated in Lot 67 and whose acquisition by Perenco was made public in early 2008.Moreover, according to Anders Krogh, from NGO Rainforest's Foundation Norway, the presence of indigenous tribes which in this region has also been acknowledged by the Council of Ethics within Norway's 'Government Pension Fund Global', as reported by The Guardian.
We are looking to a disgusting ethnic cleansing against indigenous tribes all around South America:
in Brazil Kayapos are forced to leave their lands in the Amazonian forest in order to build maegadams,also Whicholls had to fight againt the devastation of their sacred lands by the uranium extraction industry.In Perù people sometimes named as 'Arabela', 'Pananujiri', 'Taushiro', 'Aushiris' and 'Abijiras'are menaced by oil extracion firms.Amazonian forest,the lung of the entire Earth,will be destroyed in the name of the evil money.

Greedy,immondous extraction companies:your bloody oil can never be exchanged with the freedom of the peruvian indigenous people.
Powerful firm owners:you are responsible in front of the Human Kind for Genocide and environmental devastation;
                       Operationgreenrights will figth fiercely against you and your criminal strategies!

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