#OpColtan phase II initial leaks - Siemens

OpColtan Phase II

1876 Leopold II of Belgium found a fake scientific association.

The real aim of the association was to organize the exploitation of Congo's rubber and ivory.
In a few years lots of people in Congo where forced in slavery.
The member of the association of Leopold II directed the exploitation in Congo and usually tortured the people in Congo.

1998: A civil war grow up in Congo. The UN in 2001 proved that the war was a conflict for Congo's minerals.
Firms like Sony, Nokia, Siemens, Toshiba, Apple, Intel etc... where involved in the war.
They payed warlords in order to collect great loads of coltan illegally. At least 200.000 people died in the mineral war in Congo.

Mr. Ntaganda, a warlord formerly involved in the war of 1991, is fighting a new war in Congo. This obviously shows that RDC (democratic republic of Congo) is now a war area.

The previously mentioned firms declare that they don't buy minerals from war areas.

Great mineral dealers make great business with Congo, as the email of
Mr.Thierry Manda Kalumba
(+260955363702 , +243997012175, salvakalumba@yahoo.fr ) proves.
The email was sent in 2012 and we found it in Traxys database.

Citizens of the world: your mobile phones, DVD players, video game systems and computers are made with the blood of Congo's people and animals.
Remember that it is our greed for technology and products from these companies that destroy our planet.
We can change this trend by not supporting these companies and recycling our own technology.
We can change the rules of the game 

This act is not intended to cause any damage but only to show a reality that would be otherwise ignored by the public. #OperationGreenRights n1.3) Right to online demonstration


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