Monsanto sites Worldwide are down again ! and again for the 4th time monsantokorea.com Hacked and Defaced!

Monsanto Korea monsantokorea.com HACKED and DEFACED for the 4th time!
Old-leaked info from Monsanto
More than 2500 employee’s of the evil empire! 

#DDoS Monsanto sites #Asia #Europe #America #Africa #Oceania TANGO DOWN again
Update Jan 26 18:59 UTC monsantoblog.com and monsantotoday.com
are currently out of service!!

monsantofund.org monsantoindia.com monsantoandino.com monsanto.it monsanto.pr monsanto.com.au monsanto.com.mx  monsanto.co.za monsantoafrica.com

out of service from 16.00 UTC DOWN for 5 hours today

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