MESSAGE FOR Brazilian Government

The destruction of nature and ancient cultures is intolerable.
Brazilian Government, Norte Energia : the 18th article of ONU's declaretion of indigenous people's rights imposes you to consult the KAYAPO people community about your Xingu river mega-dam project, but you've never done it.So it's a KAYAPOS's right to refuse your dam. Anonymous, Iberoamerica and Operation Green Rights stand united with the Kayapo people against your disastrous project. Your project will cause irrepairable damage to the environment and the life that inhabits it, including the indigenous peoples. The Amazon is our planet's carbon filter, destroying it would only increase our current climate problems, something that no amount of money can fix. Our protest will persist until you put an end to this dam's construction and we will continue to fight against anyone who persecute South America's ethnic groups. We are monitoring every part involved in the project.


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